10 Quick Tips About Product Websites

Product websites are unique in their own way. Your presence on the web is not just restricted to branding or mere presence. You want sales and nothing else. You’re there to sell the product you made. However, just having a website won’t guarantee sales. There are certain elements you must take care of while designing a product website. Here is a guide on how to develop a good product website.


1. Ease of use: Yours is a product website and you want to sell. Your product must be the centre of attention and not your company or its details. Online sellers have few seconds if not a minute to make a good impression and compel the visitors to click on the product. Focus on the user experience. The objective is to help the shopper get what they want without any unnecessary complexity.

ease of use


2. User Journey: You must not force visitors to sign up/enter detail unless and until they have browsed your product thoroughly and the only thing left is to make an account and buy it. Let the buyer journey take its course. Have a smooth flow from the product discovery to product details to liking and finally buying the product. If your product is exciting the user would fill in the form.

3. Photos: Gone are the days of posting one photo with a price tag and description. Today people want to see the product in action. Be sure to include a photo from multiple angles and add a video if possible. People want to see live examples of your product in a real-life setting. Your photos should be as stunning as of these iPhones below.

iPhone Red Photo


4. Mobile friendly: If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website you will suffer in SEO. But if that’s not enough, one in three online purchase is made on a smartphone. Your website must be responsive enough to adapt to whatever device is accessing it.

5. User Reviews/Testimonials: People want reviews. How else can you establish trust online otherwise? If some influential people are using your product, you must promote it on your page. Encourage your customers to leave a review for your product. Below is screenshot of how Amazon does it.

User Reviews


6. Offers: Most product sites can use special offers to incite purchase. Action on their website. If shoppers are getting a good deal they are more likely to buy from you. They will buy more and spend more time on your website. Have a unique page that lists all the offers.

7. Questions: Buyers have certain questions before buying. You can either have a telecaller sit in or have FAQ page set up to answer common product queries. It’s like having a telecaller sit in and answer common buyer questions before the final decision.



8. USP: Be sure to mention your USP. The USP could be about the unique product you’re selling or how you’re selling. If your product isn’t some hot tech product don’t fret, your uniqueness could be how ‘you’ offer that product. Your USP is why a person should buy from you when they could buy from Amazon.

9. Multi-Touch Contact Page: You would want to be present on the sales page all the time. You can have a quick live chat option or WhatsApp option to enable the customers to chat with you over WhatsApp.

Integrate WhatsApp On Your Website

10. Finally, your product website is an on-going process. Keep experimenting with different templates, designs, fonts and button sizes to generate results.

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