How To Reduce Your PPC & Still Reach Your Ad Goal

Being low on budget for PPC campaigns really worries the marketer as PPC is the game of money.

But, you need not worry as these tips going to get out the best from your small ad budget.

1. Effective Ad Copy to Increase CTR

The first tip is about writing better ad copy. This helps you save money on Google Ads.

A perfect ad copy increases CTR and also leads to Quality Score enhancement.

As it has been much time said by Google, Quality Score is likely to be the strongest metric that helps advertisers to run more affordable campaigns.

2. Getting Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are also another way to improve the expected CTR and Quality Score.

If you explore the Google Ads, you’ll find numbers of ad extensions. So whichever business you’re operating or trying to sell your products, there are extensions making your ads stand out.

Google provides dynamic ad extensions being automated shows details from your site to add to your text.


3. Dayparting with Geolocation

Dayparting is a Google feature that enhances business visibility during particular times of the day.

Using dayparting in association with geolocation, you can get a great control over when and where your ads are displayed. Although, with more control, you need to pay more attention and vigilance to your ads so that you may not be damaging your own efforts- not showing your ads during your business hours.



Reduce PPC For My Ad Campaign


4. Device Targeting and Mobile Bids Optimisation

When you’re focusing greatly on making more returns from low-cost Ads campaigns, you can’t miss mobile opportunities.

What exactly this means?

Since search volume is moving from desktop to mobile, you need to go for device targeting settings for account optimization goals.

The ratio of mobile searchers to desktop searchers has increased tremendously in recent years. If you’re reading this on mobile, it proves the point.

Once you are done with taking your device targeting settings in order, ensure to take a look at your bids. Mobile CPCs which were lower than normal, is now climbing steadily to show more mobile traffic and competition.

So taking a look at mobile bidding strategy can be also helpful in saving your essential Google Ads money. Also, mobile bids can be set either at campaign or ad group level. This will enable you how much you want to pay for mobile clicks.


5. Stacked Bidding

Stacked bidding is a procedure that enables a marketer to bid on two or more match types for a single keyword.

For instance, if you’re bidding on the keyword “top digital marketing agencies near me”, you would go for bidding on this keyword at both the Broad and Exact match types.

The first match will provide you more volume and the second one will give more relevancy, so this definitely makes a case for stacked bidding.

You may have to pay extra for some keywords while using stacked bidding when your account has been left unattended for a longer period. Ensure you have optimized your accounts perfectly after choosing stacked bidding.


Remarketing certainly adds a value to the PPC efforts. It gets essentials users turned into customers who left your website before purchasing or filling your contact form.

Thus, whatever money, time and effort you have put into the action will be rewarded.

Remarketing helps to tackle paid campaign obstacles like multi-device/offline conversions, non-linear conversion pathways, and simple abandonment/distraction.


7. Campaign A/B Testing

Many advertisers do not put the focus on the A/B tests as they may hesitate or uncertain about the outcomes of a specific test or sometimes simply don’t know how to go about it.

A/B test is simply having two versions of your ad/landing page (or whatever it’s you’re testing) and sending the equal amount of traffic to both the versions and see which one performs better.

You can also use heat maps to better understand audience interaction with your content.

A/B tests help you come up with more effective and appropriate ad content. Thus, when you offer a great content piece to your users, they certainly stop at your ads and go for purchasing.


8. Landing Page

The targeted landing pages are essential for lowering PPC in ad campaigns.

Remember, if you have poorly designed landing pages, they’re not going to work for you as people will bounce back from your landing page to search results signalling Google your landing page is ineffective.

A/B test your landing page from time to time to optimise it.


9. Analytics

Ensure you’re taking the help of Google Analytics for tracking the performance of your campaigns.

The data collected will be critical to your decisions on where to optimize the account.

10. Visibility

Go for aggressive marketing and get appeared everywhere. Remember, more you appear, more are the chances of clicking and purchasing.

If you pay per click, the impressions do not cost you anything.


Google AdWords is a good way to earn visibility, traffic and sales. If you’re low on a PPC budget, you may have to go an extra mile but it’s important considering your budget.

Are you struggling with your Google Ads campaign, click below for a Free Consultation with one of our Google Ads expert.

Reduce PPC For My Ad Campaign

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